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Welcome back all,

I have a few thoughts I think you might like to hear. I ran across an article the other day regarding some skepticism, rumors, and stats regarding philanthropy in general. The article reveals that 59% percent of people express a genuine concern about where exactly the money they donate ends up. Also, 46% are worried about charity fraud or theft of funds or services. How much of their donation is actually given to the charity? How is the money given to those in need? Where exactly does your money go? Is some of the donation kept by an intermediary? Is there a high processing fee? All of these are questions that need to be considered when making a donation to any nonprofit organization. How do you feel about these concerns? Have you experienced any of these problems before? How did you handle it?

Despite these concerns I mentioned, the article also reveals that 68% do in fact give their money to charities they care about. What about you? If you donate, what are some of your favorite causes or charities you like to support? If you’d like to read more of this article and others like it, check out contributemedia.com.

Within echoDonations.org, we really want to clarify any ambiguities for donors. If you are concerned about charity fraud or additional hidden fees, please don’t hesitate to ask us. As an intermediary, echoDonations.org makes sure that the money you donate goes to the specific organization you choose. Secondly, because everything is processed online, operating funds amount to only 5%. The other 95% is given to the charity. Take a look at “How it works,” and “Lowest Fees,”, and “CMF’s Simplified” for a more detailed explanation. We are also available for live chat with you 5 days a week!


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