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January 17, 2008 at 6:58 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever heard of a widget? Perhaps a widget is an economic term to you, perhaps it’s an imaginary object, or perhaps it’s a technology tool in your vocabulary.

In our books, it’s a technology tool: an active item that can be embedded onto a webpage. In other words, a widget is an advanced form of communication for the Internet. As a developing organization, we want to share our new idea with everyone! The widget is a tool that does just that.

It has been added to our webpage as well as other social media websites, such as MySpace and Facebook. It has the capability to link to other sites, such as our homepage or our blog, and can be shared with other people who have accounts with MySpace or Facebook. The following is merely a screenshot, but visit the site to “grab” the actual widget.
Widget Screenshot

In a sense, the widget is a program in itself, which allows for advanced communication in a very simple, concise way. It’s physical appearance looks somewhat like a button or badge on the screen, and it contains a simple, clean message in the graphic, “ Give the gifts that give back.” Check it out and tell me what you think!

It was designed to spread our message as far and wide as the Internet will allow. Anyone who finds the widget online can click it, grab it, or share it. By clicking the widget, the user is linked to our website and blog. The widget also has a feature that allows its user to “Donate Now,” a button that links directly to echoDonations’ donation page. Secondly, by choosing the option on the widget to “grab it,” they can take the widget themselves and add it to their website, if they wish to do so. Lastly, the user can “share it,” or invite others to add it to their website.

It’s a fun way to promote something you care about. With so many people out there that use the Internet, widgets are great viral marketing tools. I encourage you to use them if you wish to share your passions through the Internet! And please – use ours if you enjoy our organization and its efforts!


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