Breaking Barriers – Obama Nears the 1,000,000 Mark

February 22, 2008 at 3:39 pm Leave a comment

As stated by The New York Times, “The details of Mr. Obama’s January fund-raising illustrate just how much his campaign has been able to chart a new path for the presidential race. He brought in $28 million online, with 90 percent of those transactions coming from people who donated $100 or less, and 40 percent from donors who gave $25 or less, suggesting that these contributors could be tapped for more.”

Tapping into a new method of fundraising, Obama has experienced great success from online donations. During the New Hampshire primary in early January, Obama raised $4.4 million via online donations within 2 days.

Continuing down this path, Obama’s campaign is more successful than ever. “If we can reach our goal of one million donors by March 4th, we can send a powerful message that the Washington establishment and big-money interests cannot ignore,” as said by Obama in his community blog. What is that message? — “As one million people with one voice, we can tell them that their days of dominating Washington are coming to an end — the old politics are crumbling and a new voice is breaking through.”

Whether Obama’s supporters contribute $5 or $500, all donations work together,  attesting to the vast amount of support he has gained. People want to make a difference. Because of the nature of Obama’s fundraising campaign, each person who contributes feels the importance of their donation. Small donations turn into big donations if everyone gives what they can.

Once again, Obama reinforces the fact that small donations given by many people can form a very large contribution.


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