Cancer Family Care

February 28, 2008 at 5:59 pm Leave a comment

Everyday, nonprofit organizations continually seek ways to build a new donor base, to sustain loyal donors, and to raise funds needed to deliver their mission. Cancer Family Care (CFC) and™ (echo) has kicked off the year with a new and exciting partnership. Through the use of echo’s new technology, those who wish to donate to CFC may now do so with the incentive to receive Lifetime Cash Rewards™ for their generosity.

Founded in 1971, Cancer Family Care (CFC) provides counseling and understanding to cancer patients and their families in the tri-state area. “Our social workers are specially trained to help individuals and families deal with the fears, frustrations, and communication difficulties that occur when cancer is diagnosed,” according to CFC.

Everyday, as all of us continue with our daily lives, routines, and careers, there are many people in the world who are struggling with the onset of a terminal illness, or perhaps the death of a loved one to a terminal illness. The physical and emotional effects of an illness such as cancer require a great amount of kindness and support. CFC works hard to provide loving care and friendships, reaching out to those who struggle with such difficulties in life. They offer group counseling, education, and emotional support to all people affected by cancer or death.

Through with Cancer Family Care, I have experienced warm, positive attitudes in everyone I have worked with. They are highly optimistic in all that they do, and friendly to work with.

I hope that echo is able to provide help for them as a token of appreciation for all they have done for so many families in need.


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