We are here to inform and excite everyone about supporting nonprofit organizations in a simple, secure way.

echoDonations.org is a place to share all thoughts, ambitions, concerns, queries, and exciting stories about giving. We believe that every piece adds to the big puzzle. A 25$ donation, or a visit to your local soup kitchen once a month may not be a pot of gold, but every bit counts. It’s a simple philosophy. And if everyone held this mindset, imagine how the world could change.

This in mind, echoDonations.org has developed a service that allows donors to contribute to their favorite charities and earn cash rewards for their generosity. The catch? Well it’s a good one – donations start at $25, not $5,000. Previously, the smallest donation acceptable that would earn cash rewards was $5,000! However, this just isn’t practical.

Here’s how we have decided it should be:

All donations, large and small, are combined in an online charitable mutual fund, which is invested and monitored for performance in the market. As the charitable mutual fund builds investment return, annual Lifetime Cash Rewards™ are distributed to donors and charities while building an endowment for the charity. In other words, the donor and the charity receive interest from the donation every year until the donor’s death. And at that point, all money in the original contribution is given to the charity.

It’s the perfect equation for loyal donors and a steady income to nonprofits.

Simple? Sensible? We think so.


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  • 1. bibomedia  |  February 29, 2008 at 5:57 am



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