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The Street Market

streetmarket.jpgThe other day I ran across They are a free online market where entrepreneurs showcase their projects and capital needs to investors. There goal is to provide international exposure, and efficient and innovative communication tools to entrepreneurs. The Street Market is advertised as a free tool to find national and international investment opportunities.

They seem to be a fairly new tool on the Internet, but so far have 23 registered members from over 10 countries around the world. It’s an interesting concept, but seems a little vague to me.

If any of you have ever read about or considered registering with the Street Market, let me know what you think. How do they help entrepreneurs? How do they help them gain exposure and find investment opportunities? Have they had any success?

Read more at They also have a blog you can read.


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by Larry Pauly

I first met Chris Hytry-Derrington when he took a chance to meet with members of the local Association of Fundraising Professionals at their 2005 One Day Conference. I immediately believed that his ideas were valid, so when he asked me to become a sort of advisor, I never thought that it might lead to or any such technology. In short, I was unsure that it would work. What I saw was an unbelievably intelligent process and a driver (Chris) who had an immense amount of experience in start-up companies. When he and I reviewed, and conservatively edited the estimated outcomes (on mile-wide spreadsheets, no less) I understood the power he was about to unleash. What impressed me further was his tenacity to see it through. I have observed him in many challenging situations defending his position, and taking ideas and advice to higher levels. Today, the world gets to utilize what I think is the smartest way for nonprofit institutions to add an invisible staff person which will generate income, endowment and planned gifts all in one. There’s no place on the planet that can accomplish that, that’s why it’s internet-based. Echo is something that needs to be tried out to be appreciated.

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