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The Street Market

streetmarket.jpgThe other day I ran across They are a free online market where entrepreneurs showcase their projects and capital needs to investors. There goal is to provide international exposure, and efficient and innovative communication tools to entrepreneurs. The Street Market is advertised as a free tool to find national and international investment opportunities.

They seem to be a fairly new tool on the Internet, but so far have 23 registered members from over 10 countries around the world. It’s an interesting concept, but seems a little vague to me.

If any of you have ever read about or considered registering with the Street Market, let me know what you think. How do they help entrepreneurs? How do they help them gain exposure and find investment opportunities? Have they had any success?

Read more at They also have a blog you can read.


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We Receive IRS Approval!

by Christopher Hytry Derrington
Board of Directors

Today, our parent organization, received its 501(c)3 approval from the Internal Revenue Service.

Within nonprofitSherpa’s petition to the IRS, we clearly stated we were going to launch the world’s first online charitable mutual fund. That caused them to scratch their heads for a while as they had to work thru the various legal issues.

Numerous letters and thousands of dollars in legal fees later, we’ve accomplished another goal in the march to creating a new way for the general public to donate to their favorite charities.

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And so it begins…

By Christopher Hytry Derrington
Board of Directors

Let the echo blogging begin!
From time to time, the team behind the scene at will be sharing with you their thoughts and comments. I’m surrounded by a very talented team of associates, advisors and vendors. We have a lot to share about what we have built here and where we are headed.

Hummm….I should introduce myself; I am Christopher Hytry Derrington, member of the Board of Directors. When people ask what I do, I state “I build technology start-ups.” I enjoy taking good technology ideas, figuring out the potential product mix, building the team, raising the capital, “stirring it all in a big bowl,” and hopefully, out of the oven pops a new company.

So what does my boring personal bio have to with charity giving???

Simple. Two years ago, I was exposed to the world of nonprofits for the very first time. Observing for numerous months the professional fundraisers’ focus on raising large amounts of money from only wealthy people….. I asked a question that really NO ONE had a good answer to: ”Why are only the “rich and famous” getting all the tax breaks and estate savings from charity giving?”

The lack of a good answer led to additional questions: ”What is being done to give the same financial rewards to the general public donors who give small donations?” and “How can we give similar financial rewards to reward them for their giving while incentivizing them to give more to their favorite causes?”

The answers I heard from the old-school fundraising professionals went like this: “Small donors giving $25 take too much time,” or “We want the 20 and 30 year-old donors to pay our light bills and salaries. When they are 40 to 60 years old and have wealth, then we are really interested in them to build our endowment.” or “It’s not cost effective to process small donations into trust accounts unless the amount is $25,000.”

Reminder earlier where I said I’m a technology guy? Well, AN IDEA came to me like the proverbial light bulb…….”Hey, let’s use Internet web-based software to create an online, paperless, donation processing system that accepts donations as low as $25, allow the donor to split or give away the cash rewards, and helps makes nonprofits stronger.”

Yeah, right. How was I going to do that? The technology part was easy; the nonprofit expertise was going to be the hard part. So I asked very smart nonprofit experts to become partners and advisors.

And the rest is history….It took two years of hard work and gallons of caffeine beverages to accomplish the goal. I’m proud to state that we have created the world’s first charitable mutual fund. It’s a win-win for both the donor and his or her favorite nonprofits.

So let me take a minute to say thanks to all of you who worked diligently to build And to the investors that help fund the project. And a special “thank you” to the hundreds of folks who participated in the focus groups, one-on-one marketing sessions and endless product testing. We listened to everything you had to say and endeavored to incorporate all of your invaluable feedback.

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