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“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” – Betty Reese

While a bit comical, how true? One of the smallest entities of life – a mosquito – is quite possibly one of the most significant annoyances to human beings.

There are those who believe that $5 cannot logically have any significant impact on the well-being of their local parish, or that their one vote has very little value in a nation wide poll. However, if you break down the big picture, there are always small pieces. Without the pieces, there is no larger whole.

Like pieces of a puzzle, every act of generosity contributed to a cause is significant to the whole. You cannot expect to build a brick house without starting with the individual bricks. In the same way, you cannot expect the American Cancer Society, or the Make-a-Wish Foundation to survive on only the contributions of the extremely wealthy.

This is our goal: to make every donor aware of the impact of their generosity, however large or small, and feel appreciated for their gifts. If you felt you could make a difference with $25 to a cause you are passionate about, wouldn’t you be much more likely to give??

The other day I came across a fairly new concept developed by Yahoo, called Goodsearch. It’s a fairly simple concept. Goodsearch is a search engine developed by Yahoo. By choosing to use Goodsearch on your web browser, Yahoo will give a penny to your favorite nonprofit organization every time someone does a search through them. That’s a lot of pennies! Again, maybe a penny sounds insignificant, but as a part of the whole, it’s quite significant.

Also – Britt Bravo has a wonderful blog in which she wrote about the importance of the indivdual recently. Check out her post, “Kenya: What can one person do?” at

How would you like to make a difference??


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Donor Drain and Churn???

An article in the recent issue of Contribute Magazine quoted two stunning statistics:

“Raising money for a cause these days has become much like trying to walk up a “down” escalator while it is accelerating. It’s getting tougher just to break even and much easier to fall behind. “The problem is not that [charities are] not getting new money; the problem is that they’re losing an enormous amount of money,” says Bill Levis, the author of a new pilot survey by the Urban Institute that documents the trend. Levis’ survey shows that most nonprofits post an average gain of just 10 percent each year: they lose 52 percent of their donations, which is then offset by a 62 percent gain in new or upgraded donations. In short, says Levis, nonprofits are losing almost as much as they’re gaining, pouring a river of money into a nearly open drain.


“Of the donors who withdrew support, 47 percent did so because they felt uninformed or unappreciated.”

Click here If you want to read the full article.

I have several questions for you to ponder upon:

• As a nonprofit, what are you doing to keep your current donors engaged and spreading the word? Request for money letters do not count.
• How open are your books? Do you show your donors where their money is going? Donors want transparency. If you do not give it to them, they will go elsewhere.
• Do you send thank you letters and emails for all donations? Even the ones as low as $25? Recently, I made small donations to numerous nonprofits. About a third did not send even an email thank you note.
• What are you doing to reward the small donors? T-shirts, DVDs, and trinkets are somewhat effective; but are boring. Think outside the box. (I’m biased. I know cash rewards always get people of all income brackets interested. They can keep the cash rewards or give them away to the charity.)
• What are you doing to make your organization different that the other 1.3 million 501(c)3 other nonprofits? For example, did you know that there are over 7,000 501(c)3 nonprofits in Cincinnati, OH?

There is an old business maxim that states to do whatever it takes to keep an existing customer………as the cost of keeping one is cheaper that the cost of getting a replacement.

Over two years ago, we started a nonprofit with a new idea…create an incentive for donors to give more to their favorite charities. After extensive listening to donors about what they wanted from their nonprofits….we created™

We are here to help you. Let us know how we can help.

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A Changing World

It’s a little scary how much technology has taken over so many aspects of daily living. Everyday there’s something new that “makes life a little easier.” Perhaps your calendar is on your computer instead of in a physical book. I bet you don’t go anywhere without your cell phone to make it easier for people to get ahold of you. And I’m sure you check your email at least once a day, because it’s so much quicker and easier than “snail mail.”

Jason Dick, who writes for, recently posted a blog discussing the use of online fundraising. Every company he interviewed stressed the importance of having an online fundraising plan. If you want to read more visit Jason’s blog, A Small Change – Fundraising Blog.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Would you be more willing to give to non-profits if you could simply click a button…? Would you trust it? Would you be glad that there was no paperwork involved? Or would you be weary because there’s no physical piece of paper to document your donations?

Food for thought…

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How do you give?

blog-pic.jpg Alan Levine
Throughout your life, perhaps you’ve experienced the death of a loved one to cancer, or perhaps you know children that have been born with a physical disability, or perhaps your brother or sister suffers from a learning disability. Many individuals that experience these stumbling blocks in life often become passionate about these experiences, and want to help other people overcome them. Recently, I read an article about a young man who ran a marathon for social change: Alan Levine (AKA Cogdog Blog) raised money for the American Diabetes Association by participating in an annual marathon: the 2006 Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Half-Marathon. I applaud his efforts — It takes a lot of time and dedication to train for a marathon!

I’d love to hear some stories of ways you support causes you are passionate about!

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What do you think?

Welcome back all,

I have a few thoughts I think you might like to hear. I ran across an article the other day regarding some skepticism, rumors, and stats regarding philanthropy in general. The article reveals that 59% percent of people express a genuine concern about where exactly the money they donate ends up. Also, 46% are worried about charity fraud or theft of funds or services. How much of their donation is actually given to the charity? How is the money given to those in need? Where exactly does your money go? Is some of the donation kept by an intermediary? Is there a high processing fee? All of these are questions that need to be considered when making a donation to any nonprofit organization. How do you feel about these concerns? Have you experienced any of these problems before? How did you handle it?

Despite these concerns I mentioned, the article also reveals that 68% do in fact give their money to charities they care about. What about you? If you donate, what are some of your favorite causes or charities you like to support? If you’d like to read more of this article and others like it, check out

Within, we really want to clarify any ambiguities for donors. If you are concerned about charity fraud or additional hidden fees, please don’t hesitate to ask us. As an intermediary, makes sure that the money you donate goes to the specific organization you choose. Secondly, because everything is processed online, operating funds amount to only 5%. The other 95% is given to the charity. Take a look at “How it works,” and “Lowest Fees,”, and “CMF’s Simplified” for a more detailed explanation. We are also available for live chat with you 5 days a week!

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Simple Giving

Hi everyone,

My name is Michelle, the newest member to the team at (echo). As a new member, I have jumped into the world of nonprofit organizations; charities, service organizations, foundations, endowments, etc. I have found a place that genuinely cares for the well-being of everyone. During my time at echo, I want to keep this blog alive, and use it as a tool to keep readers interested and updated on all of our exciting news and great opportunities.

In today’s world, nonprofit communities struggle just to maintain basic operating funds. Donor loyalty is hard to come by – donors often come and go like the wind. When funds become scarce, it hurts the simple objective of most nonprofits – assisting those in need.

Since I have been working with echo, I have discovered that a vast majority of people who donate to nonprofits are very wealthy. Celebrities often give to their favorite charities – they receive great tax breaks and a lot of recognition for their generosity. The benefits are obviously far greater for someone who donates $1,000,000 as opposed to someone who donates a mere $100.

What about the rest of the population that wants to give, but can’t afford to give away a huge amount of money? has come up with an innovative, web-based solution for this particular segment of people. Through its Lifetime Cash Rewards™ program anyone can donate as little as $25 to a charity of their choice, and still receive tax benefits and cash rewards every year as the fund grows. It’s a bit like owning stock in a company and receiving a return on your investment every year for your entire lifetime. Why shouldn’t everyone have an option like this? Does it sound like something you would like to do? Being wealthy shouldn’t be a requirement in order to donate to nonprofits.

I believe that giving to those in need should be a simple, sensible process. Echo does just that—I wish everyone could see the amazing benefits of giving a small amount of money to charities and other service organizations, as it will continue to grow throughout their lifetime. Questions? Is it simple and sensible to you? Let me know what you think!

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Holiday Spirit – Free Software

by Nathan Brown

Dear Friends of

With the cold weather and hectic shopping associated with the holiday season, it’s easy to lose track of the simple things that make this time of year special. Whether it’s eating that delicious homemade holiday dinner, spending time with friends and family, or seeing the smile on someone’s face by giving them a gift; the holidays can’t be summed up by how much money you spend on someone.

For that reason, we are beginning an annual tradition of giving back to the nonprofit community by giving away 20 copies of our software. We need your help by sharing this NPO coupon with all of the nonprofits you know that need donor loyalty and on-line fundraising capabilities.

These organizations must meet the following qualifications:

  • Less than two years old
  • Have less than 1 million dollars in revenue

The Charity Loyalty Rewards™ software package from™ gives these organizations the ability to offer Lifetime Cash Rewards™ for their donors, while collecting operating funds and endowment building donations on-line.

We believe that with your help, we can strengthen the nonprofit community and maintain the holiday spirit.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday,

Nathan Brown


Click here for a pdf of the coupon.

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